Tch -mastoid foramen: at posterior end of mastoid notch -petrous part: separates the middle cranial fossa from the posterior fossa -internal auditory meatus: opening on the posteromedial surface which allows for the passage of the vestibulocochlear nerve -carotid canal: allows for passage of the coronary artery -jugular foramen: large irregular opening just medial to the styloid process -occipital: forms the rear of the skull and much of its base -foramen magnum: admits the spinal cord into the cranial cavity and provides a point of attachment for the dura mater -basilar part: thick median plate posterior to foramen magnum -occipital condyle: smooth know on either side of foramen where skull rests on vertebral column -hypoglossal canal: at anterolateral end of each condyle where hypoglossal nerve passes through -condylar canal: posterior to each occipital canal -external occipital protuberance: prominent medial bump where nuchal ligament attaches -superior nuchal line: defines the superior limit of neck and provides attachment to the skull for several neck and back muscles -inferior nuchal line: provides attachment for some of the deep neck muscles -sphenoid: has a complex shape with a thick median body and outstretched greater and lesser wings -optic canal: channel in lesser wing that permits the passage of the optic nerve and ophthalmic artery -anterior clinoid process: pair of bony spines on the lesser wing which guard the optic foramina. viagra 100mg info viagra for sale canadian generic viagra buy viagra generic what is viagra yahoo answers Scroll-like plates of bone -facial bones: 14 bones that lie anteriorly to the cranial cavity -maxillae (x2): largest facial bones which form the upper jaw -alveolar processes: small points of maxillary bones in spaces between teeth -alveolus: deep socket where root of tooth is inserted -infraorbital foramen: hole just below orbit that provides passage for blood vessels and nerves to facial muscles -inferior orbital fissure: gas in floor of orbit that is a passage for blood vessels and sensory nerves of face -palate: forms roof of mouth and floor of nasal cavity -hard palate: anterior portion -soft palate: fleshy posterior portion -palatine process: extension of maxilla that forms much of the hard palate -incisive foramina: behind incisors (front teeth) -palatine (x2): l shaped bones in the posterior nasal cavity -made of a horizontal and perpendicular plate -greater palatine foramen: marks horizontal plates -zygomatic (x2): t shaped bones that form angles of the cheeks at inferiolateral margins of the orbits. price of viagra uk viagra online viagra cheap online canada Tuberculum sellae. cheap viagra what is viagra yahoo answers where to buy viagra online And dorsum sellae -foramen rotundum & fora. viagra usage Viagra next day delivery viagra 100 side effects Side effects of viagra with high blood pressure what is viagra yahoo answers Can you buy viagra women over counter viagra without a doctor prescription viagra pole match youtube can last longer viagra over the counter viagra supplement buy viagra over counter dublin