Nursing reviewer online skip to content home about nro topic outline board exam topics nursing audio reviewer nurses’ exams nursing case studies study tips ← parkinson’s disease glaucoma → may 31, 2012 · 3:40 pm ↓ jump to comments spinal cord injuries hemorrhage and edema cause ischemia, leading to necrosis and destruction of the cord cause maybe traumatic or non traumatic signs and symptoms spinal shock: no reflexes below the lesion, flaccid paralysis,lack of temperature control in affected parts, hypotension,retention of urine and feces level of injury: quadriplegia: (c1-c8) injury, paralysis of all four extremities;lesions above c6- causes respi. viagra for sale illegal to order viagra online generic viagra no rx Paralysis paraplegia: (t1-l4) injury, paralysis of the lower half of the body involving both legs extent of injury: complete cord transaction loss of all voluntary movement and sensation below the level of the injury; reflex activity below the level of the lesion may return to normal after the spinal shock resolves. best generic viagra usa viagra in mexico over the counter overnight generic viagra delivery Lesions in the conus medullaris or cauda equina results in permanent flaccid paralysis and areflexia. buy viagra discount online Whats stronger viagra or viagra youtube o que o viagra faz Incomplete lesions:  varying degrees of motor or sensory loss below the level of the lesion depending on which neurologic tracts are damaged and which are spared. generic viagra in usa Low dose viagra cost bayer viagra 20 mg Diagnostic test  spinal x- rays nursing management: acute care asses abc suction, trachoestomy set;  jaw thrust maneuver immobilize cervical collar, spinal board prevent pneumonia and atelectasis turn q2hrs; cough & dbe q1hr; incentive spirometry q2hrs maintain fluid and electrolyte balance and nutrition ngt maybe inserted until bowel sounds return; iv therapy-avoid overhydration(cord edema); check bowel sounds before feeding (paralytic ileus);progress slowly from clear liquid to regular diet prevent complications of immobility footboard/high topped sneakers to prevent footdrop; splint for quadriplegic clients to prevent wrist drop maintain urinary elimination catheterization; increase fluids to 3000ml/day; acid ash foods maintain bowel elimination stool softeners, suppositories to prevent fecal impaction chronic care neurogenic bladder- intermittent catheterization q4hrs & gradually progress to q6hrs; regulate fluids to 1800-2000ml/day reflex/ upper motor neuron bladder- unable to store urine very long and empties involuntarily. viagra vs viagra and alcohol online to buy viagra or cialis ; bladder taps stimulating trigger points to cause reflex emptying nonreflexive/lower motor neuron bladder- urine retention with overflow; crede’ or rectal stretch spascity stretching exercises, warm tub baths, whirlpool; antispasmodics:baclofen(lioresal), dantrolene(dantrium), diazepam(valium) autonomic dysreflexia s/s: severe headache, hpn, bradycardia, sweating, goosebumps,nasal congestion, blurred vision, seizures reflex response to stimulation of cns; occurs above t6 stimulus: overdidtended bladder or bowel, chilling, decubitus ulcer raise to sitting position to decrease b. Viagra information leaflet generic viagra free shipping viagra in mexico over the counter viagra generic discount